Sometimes I just stare, and study my boyfriend. I selectively choose a part of him to focus on as we’re going through our day. His lips, his smile, his eyes, his hands. How when his lips are relaxed they have a soft porcelain look to them, and when he smiles, I swear to you that I feel like I’ll never be sad again as long as I can see that smile every single day. How his eyes have this certain happiness to them, how they have an adoring glare in any lighting. When i look into his eyes I see our future together. I see him as my husband, I see him as the father to our future children, I see us growing old and only happier together. And his hands, they’re so strong. How they feel so soft, but look so manly. They’re big, they have veins. They hold my neck and waist perfectly and were made to interlock with mine. I’m in love with him. I sometimes feel like the future me looking at past moments that lead up to our still extremely loving and happy future marriage. I feel it in my soul, my mind, my heart and my body. We’ll always be together, and we’ll always always put eachother first and will always be happy together.